I was approached by MCA to create three bespoke large Murals for a new hotel (Moxy) opening on Sackville street (just off O’Connell street) in Dublin. They asked me to create an Irish theme street art mural incorporating the primary colour purple from the hotel logo. A few weeks after painting the three large murals I was asked to come back to paint 6 simple murals for there lockers, shutters and toilet entrance.

The painting of the three large murals were very detailed and three of my more complex pieces. They took three long 12-15 hour days to paint. I sure felt it on the last day and the whole week after! I was delighted with the finished product and getting asked back is nice reassurance that the managers and owners loved them too.

The six smaller murals were very last minute, i designed cut and painted them all within a few days. They are a much more simple design which is exactly what the owners wanted but work really well on each of there canvas’s.

If we cant stop the hotels taking away our artwork, I guess we bring the art to the hotels.

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