I was approached by Havas advertising agency to paint a 7up Free street art mural on Lessons street in Dublin. They wanted to paint a large mural of the iconic 7up character Fido. You could spot the mural from a far distance, instantly recognizing the character and logo. Lesson street is such a constantly busy road that there were non stop passers by (some taking pictures of the mural), plus anyone driving by is usually stuck in traffic so you can bet they were dying for a can of 7up free when they were off the street!

Arriving on lessons street at 4:00am on a Sunday morning with a huge mewp truck blocking a third of lessons street for me. To paint a mural that could be stopped by the council at any stage was quite a fun experience and one I wont forget. Its funny in Dublin at that time on a Sunday morning, where you have a few people walking home from the night before but also a few dye hard fitness people jogging a cycling past. Not so night and not so morning, a city centre purgatory i’d call it!

By the way never ask me how I got a traffic management plan for the job, I never want to talk about it.

Overall the project went well and it was a great idea by Havas, savage idea to have a 7up street art piece as means of advertising on Lesson street. Thanks to Ryan and the crew for getting me involved.

Surprising enough, I had time to paint my street piece ‘The Miss’ on Liberty Lane after painting the 7up mural. A long day over all, but the glass of wine tasted a lot nicer when i got home from a some what successful day. Check out ‘The Miss’ here

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