Dermot Mac Murrough
Dermot Mac Murrough was The King of Leinster who was driven into exile in 1166.The King of Leinster who was driven into exile in 1166. Mac Murrough, a deeply ambitious man refused to accept his exile and journeyed to England to rally an army to retake his kingdom. Richard de Clare (later known as Strongbow) a Norman warlord, agreed to lead an army to assist Mac Murrough. In return Mac Murrough promised his daughters hand in marriage and land in Ireland. In 1170 they launched they’re offensive and recaptured Waterford and Dublin. Dermot Mac Murrough died In 1171, his final resting place is in Ferns Co.Wexford and only a few strides away from the finished artwork.

Now and again a project comes along that creatively ticks all the boxes. A massive, massive thanks to Wexford County Council for an amazing commission and also the brilliant Waterford Walls crew for all their assistance and support.

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